About REH

REH Herbal was established in November 2001.  It distributes and supply the traditional alternative medicine discovered and concocted made by Mr. Renato E. Herrera a.k.a. KA REY formerly known as GLO-HERBAL.  The newly improved product approved by Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) now called REH HERBAL, proven to help different kinds of sickness and diseases.
Introducing it to its new name and still maintain its prestige and be accepted worldwide is our main goal.

    REH Herbal aims to arouse health awareness, promote healthy habits and better ways of living for an energetic community.
    Herbal is in need of dedicated and responsible men and women who can ably reach out to others for the achievement of its goals - Health for better living and greater achievement.

    REH Herbal is an all-natural wonder herbal drink. Established and remarkably accepted in 1994 using various herbal plants whose secret formula, discovered by Ka Rey Herrera, was proven to help many kinds of diseases and illnesses. Various testimonies certified the effectiveness of the product.
    New and reformulated REH Herbal does not only help the sick. Drinking it regularly will enhance your life and make you stronger and healthier.
    Herbal Trading and Manufacturing was established to help everyone get rid of their illnesses, make each and everyone healthier and to provide business opportunities for entrepeneurs who share its Vision and Mission.