How it Works

How do Herbs Work?
People have always relied on plants for food to nourish and sustain the body.  Herbal medicine can be seen in the same way.  Plants with a particular affinity for certain organs or systems of the body are used to feed and restore health to those parts which have become weakened.  As the body is strengthened so is it's power and ability to fight off disease and when balance and harmony are restored, health will be regained.

What can Herbal Medicine Treat?
Herbal Medicine can treat almost any condition that patients might take to their doctor.  Common complaints seen by herbalists include:
  • Skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.
  • Digestive disorders such as peptic ulcers, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn and indigestion.
  • Circulation problems involving the heart and blood vessels like angina, high blood pressure, varicose veins, varicose ulcers etc.
  • Gynecological disorders like premenstrual syndrome and menopausal problems.
  • Joint conditions such as arthritis, gout & inflammation.
  • Sleep disorders such as insomnia.
  • Mood disorders including anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression.
  • Allergic conditions including seasonal allergies, allergic asthma and asthma, wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • Migraines and headaches.
  • Colds and Flu and general immune boosting, including acute infections such as Urinary Tract Infections.
Herbal medicine offers a safe, gentle and effective approach to health care and serves to promote health as a positive state.  It is suitable for all from young to old.

  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Bitter Gourd
  4. Black Beans
  5. Broccoli
  6. Camphor
  7. Carrots
  8. Celery
  9. Chaste Tree
  10. Coconut
  11. Cucumber
  12. Eucalyptus
  13. Garlic
  14. Ginger
  15. Guava
  16. Horseradish
  17. Jackfruit
  18. Jasmine
  19. Mango
  20. Makabuhay
  21. Mimosa
  22. Moringa
  23. Mugworth
  24. Myrtle
  25. Onion
  26. Oregano
  27. Pandan
  28. Papaya
  29. Parsley
  30. Peppermint
  31. Philippine Lemon
  32. Pineapple
  33. Red Beans
  34. Soybeans
  35. Spinach
  36. Squash
  37. Sweet Potato
  38. Wild Tea
  39. Taro
  40. Tea Leaves
  41. Tomato
  42. Miracle Berry
  43. Plus 35 other natural ingredients